Wildlife Watching in British Columbia and A Check In with DIY Travel Planning Experts

This Sunday, October 15th, on The Travel Guys…

In the Travel News, is the way airlines board planes putting you at a health risk?  And we’ve found the dirtiest thing in your hotel room.  The coffee maker, believe it or not.

In our Smarter Traveler segment, we bring back an interview with Ed Perkins from a couple of years ago where Ed explains how valuable your waking hours are when you are on vacation.  It’s a fascinating break down that may change the way you approach things while traveling.

Ramona Goodge, one of our Road Reporters, is on hand with an update on travel to British Columbia.  Ramona roams the province several times a year and knows where to go wildlife watching and where to discover the special off the beaten track places.

Finally, Amy Lewis and her husband Stuart Lewis planned their own trip to Europe recently.  We talked to them about their plans before they left, and now we check back in with them to see how the do it yourself travel worked out.


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