Airplane Seat Etiquette and Security Tips from TSA Officials

This Sunday, December 24th, on the Christmas Eve edition of The Travel Guys:

* In The Travel News, Hyatt changes its cancellation policy and the Department of Transportation has decided not to bring a halt to resort fees, and it’s not good news for consumers.

* In our Smarter Traveler segment, Mark has a two-fer for you, addressing lining your suitcase during the winter season, and some discussion on putting your seat back on the plane.

* Just before Thanksgiving, we had two TSA officials in our studio for an extended interview, talking about how to get through security in a fast and easy way.  It was such a good interview and very informative, so we are replaying it this Sunday.  If you are traveling soon, lots of good tips for traveling, getting Pre-Check, getting help if you have a special needs traveler with you, great stuff.



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