Upcoming Changes for Sacramento International Airport

This Sunday, January 21, on The Travel Guys…

In the Travel News, hear about the guy who decided to avoid baggage fees by wearing ALL of his clothes on board, including 10 shirts and 6 pair of pants.  He ended up arrested!  Mark also warns cruise travelers he has uncovered a secret about cruise lines’ luggage liability limits.  Hint: It’s not good news.  Also, Delta has announced a new policy regarding service/emotional support animals and it’s quite different from their previous policy.

Mark Haneke, Director of Air Service Development and Marketing from Sacramento International Airport joins us. He’s the man out hustling airlines for new Sacramento service. Mark updates us on what might be ahead for those who fly in and out of Sacramento.

Clayton Whitehead, one of our Road Reporters who spends part of his time as a tour director, pops in to tell us about a brand new tour he has created, featuring a pre-Broadway performance of The Cher Show and the smash hit Hamilton, on a 4 day June trip to Chicago.


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