Discover the Country of Jordan with Clayton

This Sunday, March 4th, on The Travel Guys:

In the Travel News, New York and Virginia tell Delta Airlines if Georgia doesn’t want you, the red carpet is down in their states.  Speaking of states, we tell you which are the most sinful ones, according to the Wallet Hub index. If Las Vegas is Sin City, does that make Nevada number one on the list?  See the complete list here.

In the Smarter Travel segment, we address some questions about traveling with animals and note that the new rules for Delta and United flyers with animals have started last week.

Reporter Clayton Whitehead has just returned from a visit to Jordan, and he has an amazing take on a country he had never visited. Earthships are a unique way to stay when you are away from home.  Some can be found near Taos, New Mexico and are open to visit as well as stay in.  What is an Earthship?


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  1. Kristi Beres says:

    Thanks for feature in Jordan. I was there a few years ago and had an incredible time.

    Last summer I spent three weeks with a Toastmasters friend in Lebanon and it was wonderful to see her country and meet her family.
    Please continue to highlight trips to the Middle East.

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