What is Dynamic Airfare and is it Legal?

On the March 11th edition of The Travel Guys….

In the Travel News, upscale Ubers and Lyfts in NYC will soon be getting those obnoxious TV screens in the back of the car; and we have a strong warning for those of you who rent cars without knowing the company you are renting from.

Ed Perkins, longtime consumer reporter and advocate, joins us to talk about the ever looming subject of “customized” airfares.  You know, when you log online and check out a fare, and then 20 minutes later you go back to buy it and the fare has gone up $20?  Those kind of customized airfares.  Are they legal?  Ed shares his expertise.

Richard Lewis, the Grand Pubah of all things musical theater in our town, stops by to tell us about an upcoming show, An American in Paris, and offers up a special prize package for a Travel Guys listener.

Finally, we talk to Jen Ruiz, author of JenOnaJetPlane.com.  Jen talks about her own philosophy towards travel and life and explains what prompted her to start a travel blog.


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