Tom and Steve’s Food Tasting Experience at Milagro Centre

On the March 18th edition of The Travel Guys…

In the Travel News, Mark takes time to break down the Year of the Dog at United Airlines. The good folks at United sent a dog home to Kansas from Japan in a PRIVATE JET, then diverted another plane to deliver a dog that had been routed wrong.  Mark and Tom have their own personal takes on the situation and they might surprise you.

Tom and Steve LaRosa recently ate their way through Milagros, Sacramento’s latest culinary heaven, and they have a report.  Finally, we take a trip to Legoland in SoCal, to learn about the new things coming to the popular family theme park.

Insight Coffee Roasters

River City

The Patriot

Jaynee Cakes

Ghiotto Gelato

Mesa Mercado


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