What are the pros and cons to purchasing travel insurance?

On the April 8th edition of The Travel Guys…

*    In the Travel News, Mark tells us about a great new Southwest promotion and has two stories about travelers where something went really wrong.  One on an airplane and one in a hotel.  A Canadian man is being asked to pay $13,500 after his plane was diverted, and another man was banned from a hotel for 17 years after birds ransacked his hotel room.

*    Clayton Whitehead is sitting in for Tom this week, and he and Mark engage in a lively discussion about the pros and cons of Travel Insurance.  Some decline the coverage, but are quick to complain when their personal emergency results in lost $$$.

*    We will tell you how you can become an intern this summer for the Music Circus.

*    The Capitolaires, Sacramento’s oldest Barbershop Singing Group, are having a spring show on April 28 and we have tickets to give away.  Info on the show can be found here.


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