Are travelers still seeking out help from consumer advocates?

On this Sunday, April 15th edition of The Travel Guys…

* In the Travel News, the National Park Service has rolled back its plans for a massive price increase in 2020 to something more reasonable after receiving 110,000 public comments on the issue.  Alaska Airlines says the price of last minute upgrades are going up while the amount of carry on luggage you can bring on board is getting smaller.  There’s a new idea in hotels coming soon.  A space hotel.  Would you like to float through space on your next vacation?

* Can you take food with you on the plane?  Or is the rumor true, that TSA is telling flyers not to bring their favorite snacks?  Leave it to the Travel Guys to have the answer, right from the TSA themselves.  That is part of our Smarter Traveler segment; along with some personal packing tips from Tom.

* Is the demand for consumer advocacy rising or falling?  As regulations that favor the consumer are either rolled back or ignored, are more people seeking help with their travel and other consumer issues?  Chris Elliott joins us to answer the question. The demand for advocacy is rising fast to record levels.

* Home Exchange is Airbnb on steroids. Can you actually trade homes with someone for a week?  Listen and find out that yes, it’s all possible and being done every day.

* Mark is out traveling historic Route 66 and shares some of his observation from the first three days on “The Mother Road.”


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