Steps for Handling Hotel Reservation Issues with Christoper Elliott

On the Sunday, April 29th edition of The Travel Guys…

* In the Travel News, Puerto Rico was the winner in the Spring Break sweepstakes, with thousands of visitors pouring onto the island.  Probably didn’t hurt that room rates were at all-time low prices.  There was a major hack into the electronic hotel key system.  Does it mean those electronic keys are no longer safe?

* You get to your hotel late at night and the clerk says they don’t have your reservation in the system, even though you have a valid copy. Or the hotel is overbooked and there is no room for you.  What do you do next?  Mark calls on an article by Chris Elliott to give you a game plan to get on top of the situation.  Recent random shootings have involved restaurants.  We share some tips on how to protect yourself while dining out.

* GoGo Grandparent is the latest entry into the world of ride-sharing.  Instead of working off the touch screen of your smart phone, it’s all done with old fashioned PHONE CALLS.  The perfect way to get grandma or grandpa a ride when you can’t be there personally.

* The Cumbres & Toltec Railroad runs along the New Mexico/Colorado border.  It’s often described as the most scenic train ride in our country.  Find out if it should be on your bucket list.


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