Tips for Traveling to Third World Countries with Gwen Duncan

On the Sunday, May 13th Mother’s Day edition of The Travel Guys…

* In the Travel News, the TSA sets a record for one day gun seizures.  The alarming news – 3/4 of them were loaded.  Mark explains that for the first time a major airline (Southwest) is actually planning to feed passengers to a flight originating from Sacramento.  The new Hawaii service will do just that.  It’s a major change for our city.  Mark explains why it’s possible Sacramento’s airport could be in for a major boost in service.

* Gwen Duncan joins Tom in the Smarter Traveler segment, to talk a little about her recent trip to Bali.  Specifically, Gwen shares what she liked and what she was surprised by in the country.  She also has some valuable tips for travelers headed to third-world countries that you might find helpful if you are planning such a journey.

* Glamping is an increasingly popular way to enjoy the outdoors.  Best described as “upscale camping,” glamping resorts are springing up across the country.  Tom and Mark shares some of them with you.

* Seeing the fall colors of New England has always been a popular travel pastime.  Clayton Whitehead is in studio to tell us about his trip this fall to some of New England’s most popular leaf-viewing spots.  He also talks about how to plan your own fall foliage trip, and why the direction of your travel and choosing multiple destinations is so important for a trip of this type.


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