How to Avoid Crowds on your Summer Vacation

On the Sunday, May 20th edition of The Travel Guys…

* In the Travel News, American Airlines is the last of the major airlines to update their policies on animals on board.  Miniature horses are in, goats, snakes and insects are out.  See the new policy here.  The eruption of a volcano on the Big Island is getting in the way of tourists there for a visit….or is it.  Mark’s update from the islands says there is no reason to stay away.

* How do you avoid the crowds found on many popular vacation spots during the summer?  Chris Elliott joins us to talk about how you can arrange your travels to avoid the crush.  Chris also talks about a new phenomena, reverse ratings.  You rated your Lyft driver or your Airbnb host, now they are turning the tables and rating you.  But is the system fair?  Can you find out if you have been given a bogus or unfair rating?

* Do you travel with a device to assist your breathing, like a C-PAP machine?  Ed Perkins is with us to give you some tips.

* Are you a hiker or a biker?  Did you know there is a 20-miles trail in the Napa Valley, soon to be double that, with wineries along the route?  We have more on the Napa Valley Vine Trail and the Rail Arts District.


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