What to do when a vacation rental goes bad

On the Sunday, May 27th edition of The Travel Guys…

In the Travel News, Mark updates the situation in Hawaii.  If you have a trip planned, should you go?  If you are thinking of planning a trip, should you?  We have an update from Governor and our personal observations based on previous eruptions.  Also, tourism is up in Mexico (in a big way), and Southwest Airlines might be thinking about Canada.

Map of the island of Hawaii, which includes an expanded view of the lava flow area

Photo of the Kohala Coast on the island of Hawaii taken on May 24, 2018

Our Smarter Traveler segment features two topics, What to do When a Vacation Rental goes bad; and a follow up on something Mark mentioned last week, “Status Matches” from airlines and hotels.

Mark was at the biggest annual tourism conference in the US, IPW in Denver last week.  IPW (International Pow Wow) attracts hundreds of international tourism buyers to the United States to meet with U.S. suppliers, in hopes of creating more tourism business for the U.S.  Tourists equal jobs, so it’s a pretty important conference.  Mark meet with some of the suppliers and returned with some interviews.  The folks at the Miami Zoo tell us about their new exotic elephant and Elephant Yoga; we update you on what’s available for visitors on Ellis and Liberty Islands in New York Harbor; and finally, we take you to the home of Elvis, Graceland.

In the Mailbag segment, Mark addresses your questions on travel web sites, robo calls offering free vacations, Mark’s secrets to sleeping on a plane and ideas for a last “before the children” vacation.


Highlights from last week

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