Outdoor Fire Safety Tips and Remembering Anthony Bourdain

On the Sunday, June 10th edition of The Travel Guys…

*    In the Travel News, Southwest is selling fewer tickets since the engine incident; and the travel industry appears to be waking up to the dangers of plastic in our ocean, as NCL and a Galapagos Islands tour operator both announce initiatives to keep plastic out of our ocean.  Plus soccer fans traveling to Russia for the World Cup are being warned about using their electronic toys.

* Deputy Chief Scott McLean of Cal Fire joins Tom to give outdoor enthusiasts a refresher course in fire safety, including campfires, the danger of parking your car in the brush and the importance of knowing your surroundings.

* Gwen Duncan reminds listeners of the importance of making sure your passport is valid for the length of your travels and more.

* Mark has some personal remembrances of Anthony Bourdain.


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