New ‘Do Not Disturb’ Policies Following Vegas Shooting

On the Sunday, June 17th edition of The Travel Guys…

* In the Travel News, Delta employees have beautiful new uniforms, but there’s just one catch.  Or scratch.  And the latest hotel scam seems to involve housekeeping.  Not housekeepers mind you, but housekeeping.

* In our Make You a Smarter Traveler segment, Mark reports on post-Las Vegas shooting hotel Do Not Disturb policies, and how they might impact your stay.  He also addresses the issue, is the Early Bird Boarding Fee worth it at Southwest Airlines?

* We take you take to Victoria, British Columbia, where reporter Chris Galloway joins us live to talk about the beautiful city he is in, and a couple of great Pacific Northwest adventures coming up this summer.

* Ever thought about renting a motorcycle and heading out on a cross country adventure?  We introduce you to Eagle Rider, the largest bike rental outfit in the country and talk about some of the places people are going on bike excursions.


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