Does your credit card have trip delay protection?

On the Sunday, July 8th edition of The Travel Guys…

*    In the Travel News, the FAA says the decreasing size of seats isn’t a safety issue, and Mark reports Christmas season airfares are already high.

*    In our Smarter Traveler segment, we remind you an important point about Southwest “travel funds,” give you a heads up on booking hotels on “blind” sites and give you a tip about where to find Trip Interruption coverage in your credit cards for the next time you are stuck in a lengthy delay (6 hours of more).

*    We take you to one of the midwest’s most interesting cultural sites, the Cahokia Mounds near St. Louis.

*    Next year, Sacramento welcomes the Wakamatsu Fest150.  What makes it one of the biggest events of the year, and how can you get involved.




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