Is there ever a good reason to purchase miles?

On the Sunday, August 5th edition of The Travel Guys…

In the Travel News, Volaris Airlines is the latest to announce a new service at Sacramento International.  The twice weekly red eye flights will take travelers to Leon, the largest city in the state Guanajuato.  They will begin November 21st.  American Airlines has a dud on its hands.  Their *new* buy-on-board BBQ Chicken Sandwich didn’t turn turn quite like they had hoped.  It has been discontinued and will be served to prisoners of war while supplies last.

For years, we’ve told you never to bite on the offers the airlines make to buy points and miles.  Up to now, that’s been good advice.  But for certain kinds of tickets, the buying mileage thing might be a better way to go.  We are talking Business and First Class overseas.  If you are spending that kind of money on a ticket, it could be a better deal to buy the miles and then use them to get the ticket.  But as Mark pointed out, there are a few things that can go wrong along the way.

Gwen Duncan joins us at 3:35, to share her list of things to bring to survive long haul flights.  She has her list (below) and then we asked our listeners to call in and add their favorite item.  The best add ons got $25 Whole Foods Gift Cards.  We will print the entire list here next week.

  1. Luggage scale (do not pack too close to max i.e. 49.9lbs to avoid paying overweight charges). FYI, small carriers overseas have astronomical charges for overweight baggage
  2. Empty beverage bottles to fill with water to stay hydrated in flight
  3. Noise cancelling devices (airplanes can be very loud)
  4. Wet-wipes (avoid bacteria on trays and hand held controllers) Statistics for bacteria on planes are terrible!!!!
  5. Electronic books (any nooks, travel guides or novels can be heavy). Ron and I go to thrift stores and pick up relatively new guide books and rip out essential pages to take with us.
  6. Own snacks(for long airport layovers). Sometimes we just use airport lounges if long layovers..They are Great and if you don’t have a priority pass can be purchased on-site a daily rate per person
  7. Compression socks can be helpful because in low humidity feet will swell
  8. Chewing gum (ease ear pain from elevation issues).
  9. Prescription meds and valuables. (NEVER pack valuables in checked luggage)
  10. Always have a copy of your passport in all pieces of luggage.


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