One reason why the cost of travel is increasing…

On the Sunday, September 3 edition of The Travel Guys…

* In the Travel News,  Disney Cruise Line has tightened/lengthened the time before your final payment is due and cancellation penalties take effect.  United’s president says it’s ok to charge families to sit together, “Because that’s what we do,” and Mark has an update on Alaska Airlines animals on board policy.

* In our Smarter Traveler segment, the topic is the cost of travel.  Mark says prices are on the rise, but this time its for a unique reason.  Much of it has to do with the raise in minimum wage and the inability for some tourist areas to be able to attract enough help.  Your favorite vacation is going to cost a little more and in Mark’s opinion, that’s ok.  To a point.

* Earlier this year, we told you about a new company, GoGo Grandparent.  It’s growing in popularity and its available in Sacramento.  The guys have an update with the owner of the online service.

* Last week, Tom played in a blackjack tournament in Las Vegas with some success.  Tournaments like this one, for blackjack, poker and other games, are on many people’s travel list.  Let’s find out first-person from Tom what the experience was like.


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