The importance of doing research before booking your travel

On the Sunday, September 9th edition of The Travel Guys…

In the Travel News, seems as though some travelers buying their Delta tickets through Google Travel may think they are buying a premium economy seat when they really are not. American Airlines is thinking of changing their boarding process just a bit to allow those with nut allergies to pre-board, allowing the traveler to wipe down their immediate seating area to try and make it allergen-free. American will not remove nuts from any flight. At least the kind you eat….

In our Smarter Traveler segment, Mark talks about importance of doing your homework. Check prices and read the fine print. When it comes to travel, it’s worth your time.

Road Reporter Chris Galloway checks in from the San Juan Islands, to remind listeners the importance of selecting the right travel package. He talks about the different things to consider, such as physical stamina, length of trip, type of travel and who you are traveling with. Chris also talks about how your travel “attitude” definitely wears off on others.

We spoke with Jim Jacoby before he left for his 20th Burning Man, and now Jim joins us after the event to share some of the highlights of a week in the desert.


Highlights from previous weeks

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