When to cancel travel plans during hurricane season

On the Sunday, September 16th edition of The Travel Guys…

* In the Travel News, Sacramento International Airport has a new Director of Airports.  She is Cynthia Nichol, a long time airport executive most recently from Portland.  The FBI has announced they have found a pair of Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers and returned them to their owner.  The slippers had been missing for over a decade since they were stolen from a museum in Grand Rapids, Minnesota, Judy’s hometown.  Hawaiian Airlines has announced the longest domestic flight route in the U.S.  Starting in the spring, they will offer non-stop service from Boston’s Logan Airport to Honolulu.  At 5,095 miles, it will take just about 12 hours to get to the islands from Bean town.

* Gwen Duncan joins our Smarter Traveler segment to talk about travel waivers, the rebooking opportunity the airlines (and cruise lines) sometimes extend.  When a hurricane is coming, do you cancel or wait for the travel vendor to pull the plug?  Gwen has some wisdom for you.

* Sports Leisure Vacations, the sponsor of The Travel Guys, held their Tour Preview Day at the Crowne Plaza Hotel on September 15th, with a new catalog rolling out over 30 new adventures in the U.S. and around the world.  We take a few minutes and discuss some of their offerings.  Request your catalog here.  They will be available for public release after September 23rd.  Copies will be mailed to Travel Club Members on the 18th (Tuesday).

* Glamping is the newest craze.  Have some of the basic conveniences of home, while enjoying the outdoors.  Our friends from the In Town Campground in Nevada City stop in for an update.

* Annually Sacramento bestows the Elly Awards, honor outstanding achievements of community theaters and artists in the Sacramento area.  We tell you how you can be a part of this year’s show.


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