Airbnb’s Hidden Fees and an Update on Redding, CA

On the Sunday, September 23rd edition of The Travel Guys…

* In the Travel News, American Airlines says if Congress limits what they can charge in ridiculous ticket change fees, they will just make the tickets completely non-refundable/changeable.  Where is this spat going?  Who knows, but it’s fun to watch…

* Hidden fees have come to Airbnb type vacation rentals, and we have some words of wisdom for potential renters.

* The Redding area is known for having some terrific recreational opportunities, waterfalls, a national park and lots more.  Did the recent fire damage those tourism destinations?  We have an update for you.

* TSO, The Trans-Siberian Orchestra, visits Sacramento with its holiday show every year.  Get tickets and info on this year’s show at


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