10 Misleading Travel Terms

On the Sunday, September 30th edition of The Travel Guys…

* In The Travel News, a U.S. judge says no to the grizzly bear hunt in Yellowstone, American Airlines is raising the price of alcohol in the sky and one of our favorite hotels might be on the verge of being voted the most haunted hotel in the country!

* When you are shopping for travel, certain words and phrases are found often.  We’ve corralled 10 of the most misleading terms, and we will tell you which ones work for you and which ones to beware of.  Our goal, making you a smarter traveler.

* Steve LaRosa joins us with a What’s Goin’ On update, tips on things to do in and around Sacramento. He also brings us an opportunity to sit down with Rock ‘n Roll legend Graham Nash.  Finally, we are joined by the folks from Video Lab, to help explain how to make sure your visual travel memories are properly preserved.


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