Marriott Hotel Strike Update and Smoking Room Charges

On the Sunday, October 14th edition of The Travel Guys…

In the Travel News, concession prices at Disney World/Land have seen a recent quiet price boast. Some of the increases are as much as 20-25%. The first snow storm of the year is hitting the Rockies today and flight delays in Denver are very possible.

In our Smarter Traveler segment, we focus on the wildcat Marriott Hotel strikes happening in mostly large cities in the U.S. and Canada. So far Marriott is keeping affected hotels open and not offering rates adjustments, at least not publicly.

Gwen Duncan stops by to talk about a variety of haunted Halloween spots (see list of links below). And she found some good ones.

Lake Tahoe has a new Craft Beer Trail. We give you an introduction to the places and the products.


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