Number 1 Tip for Booking Hotels

On the Sunday, November 18th edition of The Travel Guys…

* In the Travel News, the guys break a story about what industries might take advantage of driverless cars.  Could they become “hotels on wheels?” And Rome is issuing a handful of new urban regulations designed to take tourists from throwing things into or otherwise abusing the city’s most popular tourist spots.

* Amy Travieso from the American Hotel and Hotel Association stops by to reinforce what we tell Travel Guys listeners all the time.  Shop the third-party web sites, but buy directly from the travel provider whenever you can.  Amy’s statistics support that approach.

* We take a minute to promote a couple of local holiday events.  The Voices of California present “Merry and Bright” on December 1; and the Polar Express train starts its runs next week.

* Gwen Duncan has returned from a visit to Thailand and has a host of tips and ideas for traveling to that exotic land.


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