How to know if online reviews are legit

On the Sunday, November 25th edition of The Travel Guys…

In the Travel News, United flight attendants are setting up picket lines on December 13th at major United hub airports, to protest the cutting of a flight attendant on some long haul flights and other work-condition related issues.  Carnival Cruise Lines has announced a change to their on board smoking policy that is a bit draconian.  In addition to the possible $500 fine, you could be put off at the next port of call with no refunds.  That would include anyone in the offending passenger’s cabin.

Mark and Tom spend the Smarter Traveler segment talking about how to value online reviews for travel companies and their services.  Are they legit?  How would you know?

Finally, it’s Travel Guys Thanksgiving, as we ask your listeners to call into answer a variety of travel-related questions and give their opinions.  Prizes for anyone who calls in with a travel tips to share with the audience.


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