How to Know if a Timeshare is Right for You and What to Expect if You Own One


Do you own a time share?  Are you thinking about buying one?  Might you someday be susceptible to one of those fast-paced sales pitches while on vacation and find yourself the not-so-proud owner of one of those lovely time shares?  What happens when you get older and the time share bills keep coming?

If you have pondered even one of those questions, you have come to the right travel show.  This week, The Travel Guys focus on time shares.  Tom and Mark, regretfully as you’ll come to find out, each own one.  Gwen Duncan, our Deal of the Week Gal, is also a time share owner (two in fact, she’ll explain).  In a spirited conversation, Mark, Tom and Gwen discussed the advantages and the disadvantages of time share ownership.

Then, at the bottom of the hour, we are joined by Jeff Weir.  Jeff is a reporter, and regularly writes for a time share resale site,  Jeff offers you some terrific information to make you a smarter buyer (and seller) of a time share.  He tells us all about the “secondary” market and explains how the value of some time share units has fallen to zero.

Mark has the Travel News, and as always, you’ll find lots of links to things from the show below.  Spend a few minutes looking around the home page here, and see if you don’t find at least one or two items that will make you a smarter traveler and your next trip a little easier.


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