Ways to prepare for a more comfortable travel experience

On the Sunday, October 28th edition of The Travel Guys:

* In the Travel News, Mark reports on a couple who found a camera capable of recording their actions in their stateroom on board a Carnival cruise; and Southwest is getting a little closer to launching lights to Hawaii, but they will not start until after the first of the year.

* Our Smarter Traveler segment features tips on things to do BEFORE you travel.  Little things like not only picking your airline, but for longer trips, also picking your AIRCRAFT.  Wear the right clothes, bring the right things in your travel bag for a more comfortable trip.

* Ed Perkins, one of our favorite Travel Advocates/Writers, returns for the second part of his interview which began last week.  He shares tips for avoiding some of the country’s busiest airports.

* Mark has been traveling the country the past month, and he shares his thoughts and opinions on places to visit and dine in Cincinnati, Lexington and along Route 66 from Oklahoma City to Albuquerque.


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