Ways to prevent getting sick while traveling

On the Sunday, November 4th edition of The Travel Guys:

* In The Travel News, Southwest Airlines is making is easier to distract yourself by device while in the sky; and we talk about the rise of the single female traveler, and what this growing category of traveler is looking for when they hit the road.

* In our Smarter Traveler segment, we talk about some simple ways to narrow down the opportunity of catching a cold or other virus while traveling. Simple and obvious, but are you washing your hands enough in the airport/on the plane?

* In a special double segment in the second half of the show, the guys are joined by Michael Downer and Ramona Goodge, to discuss a variety of subjects related to a cruise ship vacation. From choosing the right ship to picking shore excursions and the advantages of traveling with a group, our two experts share some terrific information, particularly for beginning cruisers.


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