Life on the Road with Sacramento Kings Sportscaster Gary Gerould

On the Sunday, May 19th edition of The Travel Guys…

* In the Travel News, Boeing says the new software for the 737 MAX is done, they are just waiting on FAA certification.  Would you fly in a Max?  Listen to what Tom says when Mark asks him that question.  FAIRBnB is the new competitor to Airbnb.  It promises to be socially responsible to communities as well and renters and home owners.  Mark thinks they may have found a hole in Airbnb’s aura.  Since many in the home/apartment sharing business are also in environmentally conscious demographics, there could be room for another player.  More news links below.

* The Island of Capri is declaring itself a “plastics free” area and threatening to fine tourists who violate the tough new law.  Will this trend spread to other environmentally sensitive tourism areas?  Mark says the answer is a definite yes.

* The second half of the show features an interview with Gary Gerould. The only play-by-play voice the Sacramento Kings have ever had (34 years) talks to us about life on the road in the NBA, his favorite cities, hotels, and restaurants; and even shares the story of how he came to be the Kings’ announcer.  It is one of our favorite interviews ever.