Hidden Challenges of Airbnb/Home Away Rentals

On the Sunday, March 17th edition of The Travel Guys… 

In the Travel News, the Max 8 airplane has dominated the news this week.  After its second fatal crash, the planes were pulled from the air all over the planet.  We have an update on when the planes will be back in the sky, and how you can get a leg up on the situation in the meantime.  American Airlines is bragging about the new benefits on its branded credit card…while failing to put the benefits you are losing anywhere in the copy.  You can now ship banned items home from some airports at a reasonable cost and we share big news from Broadway, involving Hugh Jackson and something involving the “River City!”

* If you think someone is watching you, you’re right.  Especially if you rent from Thrifty Car Rental.  And be careful you don’t get “Bonvoyed.” The new name of Marriott’s frequent guest program is being used against them in the most creative ways.

* Chris Elliott joins us to talk about some of the hidden challenges of Airbnb/Home Away type rentals, and Gwen Duncan talks about some cities where you can get free tours if you have a long layover.


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